December 18, 2013





Thank you so much, Peter! I am very impressed by your service and the detail in this report!!! You have been more than helpful. We were hesitant to purchase an older home, but I feel more at ease after speaking with you and hearing your thoughts and advice. 




I appreciate it!!








December 2, 2013

Peter was very thorough with the inspection, checking every part of the house inside and out. I am confident I won't have any issues with my previous concerns before he looked at them.


Jess Plante


November 30, 2013


We were so pleased with the whole inspection. Peter was very thorough and knowledgeable. We felt confident purchasing our home.


Karen Hayes & Joe Sawisch


November 16, 2013


Peter did a great job. He was professional, did a detailed and careful inspection. His thorough report helped us negotiate several improvements that were important and improved what we purchased.


Drs. Amy & Steve Gerson


November 3, 2013


Dear Peter,
It was a great experience to have Bryan Wilcox as our home inspector. He was recommended to us by one of our friends and we were pleased by his job.

Without any doubts, we will recommend your company for thorough house inspections.
Thank you again.

Andrey Layer


September 16, 2013

"Peter was excellent to work with. He took the time to explain exactly what we needed to know when buying our first house. He worded everything so that I completely understood. He welcomed questions and did a thorough, expert job."


Molly McCarthy


September 13, 2013


"Top notch! They were the only inspection company I've used that sent me the results in a .pdf file with annotated photographs. I would not hesitate a second to call on them again. They seem to take pride in being friendly, personal, and attentive. "


Nathan Hughes



September 10, 2013


"I had a great experience. The report was easy to read and understand. I was able to negotiate and save $2500 based on the report. Thank you for a great experience."


Katelyn Murphy



September 10, 2013

"Thanks for the great work and follow up! Nick's inspection work was an asset to us, because it made making decisions regarding inspection follow-up easy from long distance. I would certainly recommend your company to others."

Joel and Dawn

September 6, 2013

Thank you very much!

We enjoyed working with your team and will definitely recommend anyone we know in the future.

Thanks again,

September 5, 2013


We had Nick Palmer as our inspector and I would just like to say that he was fantastic to work with. As a first time homebuyer my husband and I know little to nothing about home ownership and Nick took the time to explain every small little detail to us so that we understood and felt comfortable. The entire 4-hour process was great and extremely helpful to us. I would highly recommend Hawkeye, especially Nick to anyone looking for a home inspector!

Many thanks,
Daniela & Adam Maher

August 20, 2013


Dear Mr. Ottowitz,

My wife and I would like to thank you for sending Nick out to inspect (what we hope will soon be) our new home.

Nick did an incredibly thorough yet efficient job going over the entire property.  He was more than willing to spend the time it took for my wife and I to be entirely comfortable that we had a great understanding of the house.  I’ll add that this happened on a Friday afternoon, when most folks are probably thinking more about weekend plans than about finishing strong!

I know a thing or two about home-building, and yet I learned a great deal today. Nick’s professionalism meant that pointing out potential and real causes for concern never came across as pedantic; simply real concern from someone who cares about homes and their occupants deeply.

In what has been a rollercoaster of a time for us, we’ve walked away from this inspection feeling more strongly than ever that this is the home we’ve always wanted. For that we’d like to thank Nick and Hawkeye for a job very well done.


Neil and Meredith Dooney

August 6, 2013

Hawkeye provided excellent service.  Ours was an older home that had been added on to over the years.  The inspector explained each and every system to us, showed us where the main utility shut-offs were, and identified things that needed repairs so we knew what we were getting into; very important when you have become emotionally attached to a home.  Thanks Hawkeye.

Mark & Amber
Westboro, MA

July 7, 2013

Hawkeye was terrific!  Professional, prompt, thorough and allowed my wife and I to feel enormous confidence both in the service we were receiving and the home we were purchasing.  We would strongly recommend them to anyone!

Rick and JoAnne Kilpatrick

June 13, 2013

Hi Peter,

Thank you. We’ve sent a list of repairs to the seller, and she has agreed to all, so we’re good to go.

Thanks again, to you (Peter) and Andrew. You were both fantastic! Friendly, knowledgeable, thorough…and fun. You guys really made me comfortable, and actually made the process enjoyable. I’ll be happy to recommend you whenever I get the chance.

Franklin, MA

May 22, 2013

Peter Ottowitz and Hawkeye Home performed the most thorough, professional and enjoyable house inspection that I have ever done. In addition to the detailed report including multiple photos, they also gave me a binder filled with information that is sure to become my home ownership bible. To top it off, they provided refreshments!  Truly superior service all around.

Elizabeth Green

May 17, 2013

Repeat customer and would highly recommend. Knows his business.

Ron & Carol Blanchette from Burlington

May 16, 2013

Very pleased with the service, Peter took the time to answer all our questions and walk us through every inch of the home. I also appreciated that we got a binder to keep everything organized and tips for home repairs.

Jonathan & Sharon

I loved working with Peter. He came highly recommended and he didn't disappoint. I walked away knowing so much more about the house. It really set my expectations as to what I'll need to check on over the years!


Exceptional service --- extremely thorough --- highly recommend Hawkeye to anyone requiring a home inspection --- Peter is the pro's pro and a great guy too!

David Henry & Janet Taylor

May 7, 2013

Peter was wonderful to work with and very knowledgeable. We haven't had time to take advantage of any coupons yet. He was very thorough.

Nancy and Bob

Very pleased with how thorough our home inspection was done.

Ernie and Karen

Both the report and Peter were great. He found a number of things that were overlooked by a different inspector 9 months previous.

Tom and Abby

May 1, 2013

Thank you so much, Peter!

Sara had raved about you tremendously and you still even exceeded my expectations with how wonderful you were.


April 28, 2013

Hi Bryan,

I just wanted to let you know that you were so spot-on in calling our attention to the water main, which was old and in your opinion probably full of rust. As a result, we asked the sellers for $1K cash back at close, to which they agreed. This week--fortunately before our closing date--the water main between the street and the house burst, and everything had to be replaced. The sellers are still the owners for another two weeks so they picked up the cost of that, but had it happened after we moved in, thanks to your warning, we would have had some financial cushion against the repair. So I just wanted to say thanks again for your thoroughness!

Regina H.

March 25, 2013


Bryan did a great job on the inspection. I look forward to working with your company in the near future.

Steve Savarese

March 21, 2013

We were beyond satisfaction with the inspection conducted by Bryan and want to make sure Hawkeye knows it. He was very polite, kind and patient with us during the process and by allowing us to follow him during his inspection, he was able to describe what he found and the implications. Bryan was a delight to work with and we will surely recommend Hawkeye as well as Bryan to our friends and family for any future inspections.


PB Tam

March 21, 2013

Hi Peter - Thank you for your follow-up. It's great to know we can still use you as a resource and will definitely keep that in mind. We're moving into our home next weekend, and we're very excited!
Thanks again for providing us with a great service and for all the helpful tips etc. sent post inspection.
Paula & Sean

March 16, 2013

Thanks so much--Bryan was great to work with. We will happily recommend Hawkeye Inspections to anyone.

Regina H.

March 15, 2013

Had my future home inspected by Hawkeye and the inspection had gone above and beyond what I had expected. Hawkeye was recommended by my fiance's brother. Before his home purchase, he had Bryan from Hawkeye inspect the home. This home was a little of a "fixer upper", but after the inspection, he had a very good idea of what to expect. He now has been in the house for a bit over three years, and he has told me there were no surprises that Bryan hadn't pointed out. A couple weeks ago had my future home in northern Mass inspected by Peter, and I could not be more pleased with the inspection. I would highly recommend Hawkeye!

Charles Nelson

March 5, 2013

I  thought it was a very professional and thorough inspection.You provided me lots of useful information like the supplemental guides and follow up emails containing additional assistance for buying the home. It was more than I expected from a home inspection.

Karl Evans

February 22, 2013

Peter is fantastic! The best home inspection service ever!  Peter goes through everything with you and gives you a detailed, easy to read binder about your house when you are done, the best!!!  Exceptional professional knowledge and service:)

Marianne and Will

February 19, 2013

Hi Peter,

It was a pleasure working with you! I will definitely be referring my friends and family to you for their home inspections! Your professionalism, attention to detail, and knowledge base was very impressive. We felt very comfortable with your assessment of our home. Thank you again!
Allison and Nick B.

February 7, 2013

We would highly recommend Hawkeye.  It was a real pleasure working with Peter.  As first time homebuyers, it was important for us to finish the inspection with confidence that the home we wanted was truly the right one for us and that was just what happened.  The inspection was thorough and the follow-up report is a fantastic resource for now & the future.

Thank you, Paula & Sean

January 23, 2013

Report was incredibly helpful.  Detailed & extensive.  Experience was pleasant.  Would recommend.

Amanda & Paul
Shrewsbury, MA

January 13, 2013
My experience with Hawkeye Home Inspection was phenomenal. From the start of the inspection, I was included in every detail of the inspection — every concern or observation was articulated directly to me by the inspector in a manner that I could understand. At the end, I was provided a professional report that was extremely helpful in evaluating any home improvement that needed to handled prior to closing.

Ginny Pitcher | Co-Founder & President
617.904.9393 x112 | 508.633.3100 | @ginnypitcher & &

January 3, 2013

My wife and I recently used Hawkeye Home Inspections for our new home purchase. Peter Ottowitz was our inspector. He was very thorough, professional, and surprisingly entertaining - even showed up with cold waters, cookies, and chocolates. When an inspector is rifling through the home of your dreams, it can be nerve-racking as you hope they do not find anything majorly wrong with the property. But Peter was excellent in many ways - bringing humor and comfort into the inspection was a nice touch.

After using one of the "larger corporations" for my last home inspection, I realize now just how thorough Peter was with our inspection.

I would certainly use Hawkeye Home Inspections and recommend them to anyone buying a new home.

Jay & Gina Newton

January 1, 2013

Great thorough job!  We are saving a significant amount of $$$ thanks to Peter.

Gio and Florencia

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