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The following articles will help you address various home and environmental issues:


"Achoo! Are You Allergic To Your Home?"


"Air Conditioning Facts"

"Air Conditioner Maintenance"

"Carbon Monoxide in Your Home"

"Caring for Your Outdoor Gas Grill"

"Carpenter Ants"



"Criteria for Hiring a Home Inspector"

"Energy Inspections and Audits: Save On Your Heating and Cooling Bills"

"Energy Myths"


"Energy Recovery Ventilators"


"Exterior Painting"

"Fall Maintenance Tips: Outside the Home"

"Fall Maintenance Tips: Inside the Home"

"Fix Those Ice Dams"

"GFCI & AFCI Protection"


"Green Clean Home: Using Baking Soda"


"Green Clean Home: Using Vinegar"


"Green Flooring"

"Home Inspections – Preparing for the Inspection"

"Hot Water Heaters"


"Infrared Technology"

"Is Your Home Ready for Winter?"

"Is Your House Locked?"


"Mice - Who Stole The Cheese?"

"Moisture in the Air"

"Mold: A Growing Concern"


New Construction: The Value of New Construction Inspections

"Oh Christmas Tree"

"Permeable Pavement for Environmentally-Friendly Solutions"

"Plaster and Drywall Cracks"

"Preparing for an Energy Audit"

"Radon in the Air"

"Safe Holiday Decoration Hints"

"Sell A Green Clean Home - Part I: Baking Soda

"Sell A Green Clean Home - Part II: Vinegar


"Some Important Feng Shui Tips To Help You Sell Homes: Part I"


"Some Important Feng Shui Tips To Help You Sell Homes: Part II"

"Spring Lawn Care"

"Termite Facts" 


"The Ten Most Frequent House Problems"

"Using Rain Barrels to Conserve Water"


"Ways to Green Your Home and the Environment"


"Water In The Basement"

"While You Are Away"

What to do About Water in the Basement


What is Title 5


"Wood Burning Fireplaces"

"Why A Blower Door Test?"

"Window Shopping"

"Your Home Leaks Energy in a Number of Ways"


Educational Brochures


Radon: What To Know and Do For Your Home

Mold: What to Know and Do For Your Home

Moving Checklist: A Flow Chart For a Happy Transition

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