2016 Testimonials


May 18 2016

Hawkeye Inspectors were awesome from beginning to end. They booked my inspection with very short notice, and sent me friendly reminder emails regarding time and place. Peter was so great - he completely demystified a potentially scary process for me, a first time home buyer. He is professional yet very good humored, and answered all my "dumb" questions without making me feel dumb. I highly recommend them, and especially Peter - he's great! - Kristina S.


May 12, 2016

Thank you for coming out today. Phil was knowledgable and professional. Made it a great experience. Thanks again. - John Guarnieri



May 9, 2016


"Thank you for all of your help and making the inspection such an enjoyable experience. As a first time home buyer the whole process has been a stressful experience with a steep learning curve, but I couldn't have asked for a better inspector. Peter took the time to explain his inspection criteria in depth while he was conducting the inspection. As relatives reviewed the copy of his inspection report, they were astounded by the amount of detail and diligence that the inspection included. As an added perk, a custom inspection binder was provided which included a helpful home repair manual. To top it all off, Peter bought drinks and snacks for everyone present. I'll be referring him and Hawkeye to anyone I know in the home buying market."  - Michael,

Grafton, MA


April 30, 2016


Mike is a fantastic inspector and is an absolute credit to your company. We would recommend him highly to anyone.

  - Regards, David Cook


April 6, 2016


“So let's face it, kids...buying a house is probably one of the most stressful and biggest purchases you'll ever make in your life and nothing in life has intellectually or emotionally prepared you to have any sort of knowledge or ability to figure out if the house you're buying is a Shelley Long/Tom Hanks caliber money pit (totally just gave away my age there lol)...so you learn pretty quickly that it's all about finding resources and contacts you can trust to help guide you through these decisions...the first major one being the home inspection. =)

I did my homework on home inspection companies in the area (I bought my house in Framingham) and based on the positive reviews, services offered, etc. decided Hawkeye was the right company for me. I saw words like thorough, friendly, detailed, knowledgeable, sense of humor and some other stuff like how detailed the reports were, etc. It also seemed to me that most of the negative reviews were based on unrealistic expectations and since overall the reviews were far better than any other inspectors I decided to go with Hawkeye.

I called up and got an appointment within the next 1-2 days to have my home inspected by Danny. Danny was awesome! He was on time, super pleasant and fun, incredibly thorough, took the time to explain the whole process to me before getting started and helped reel in my enthusiasm or flippant comments (about some things not being a big deal to me) while the realtors were around. =) What can I say I'm very excitable/heart on my sleeve lol.  Danny covered every corner, every outlet, every surface of my house (a single family house with 3 beds + study, roughly 1500-1600 sq. feet not including the small walk up attic, detached 1 car garage, large deck and full basement). On top of inspecting the house for any issues, Danny also walked me through some of the maintenance I would need to do as a homeowner (like did you know that your house has air filters you need to change depending on the heating system or how frequently you need to change them? or that you turn off the water that runs to your hose in winter? I didn't - until Danny told me lol) and prioritized the repairs for me and how long I had before I would need to make any repairs/updates. He also made himself available after the inspection to go over any questions I had once I got the report which came in real handy!

Aside from how great Danny was - the report you receive is also awesome. You’ll get a hard copy of the report in a binder with color pictures and explanations of the damage, etc. as well as a digital copy. That was really great, but the best thing about this whole process was not just the peace of mind I felt about buying my house because of the condition, but actually being walked through a lot of the homeowner stuff so I realized it wasn't as daunting as I thought. And let's face it - if you've got someone pleasant with you, everything's a lot better so having a friendly, pleasant (and patient lol) person to do the inspection really helps. I would expect no less on the being thorough and knowledgeable part but some people consider the nice, friendly, pleasant stuff optional so having someone as personable and friendly as Danny to take the fear out of the process was a real win for me personally.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Hawkeye and Danny again - no questions asked, no caveats, no hesitation. - Ece Akturk



March 29, 2016


I'd like to mention what a pleasure it was to work with Mike. He was professional and courteous at all times. He patiently answered all of my questions. He took the time to make sure I felt comfortable and understood what he was doing, what he was looking at, and why it was important. He explained the free year of home repair advice and the value of Mass Save programs.


Home buying can be really intimidating, but Mike made this part of the process reassuring and educational. Please pass along my compliments to him and his manager. Nice work!! - Alana


March 9, 2016


You never told me how great your company is......namely, Mike Kilgallen!!!! He is the best inspector!!! Very efficient, informative,detailed, patient, we were very lucky to have him. Will definitely recommend him to all my friends!!! He provided a 5 star service and we love him!!
 - Sincerely, Teya King, MD


Februrary 29, 2016


Mike was so thorough and meticulous in inspecting every inch of the home. He was also so informative and patient in explaining every issue and concern. We cannot praise Mike's work enough...and his customer service is truly unmatched! - Warmest regards, Joy

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